Swimming With The Manatees

There is no doubt that swimming with manatees is a unique experience. There is only one place in Florida that it is legal to swim with these fabulous and ancient creatures. They look like they come from the distant past and scientists agree. Manatees are very gentle creatures and there is no chance they would ever hurt anyone swimming with them. It can be a once in a lifetime experience for many, as this species is becoming extinct right now.

You can find a fine and pristine place with many manatees you can swim with. The clear waters of the Crystal River present the only environment you can actually swim with these creatures. You could attempt the same in other parts of Florida, but such action carries a heavy fine or worse. Besides, it is best to know where to swim with manatees. This is why the populations of manatees are protected as much as possible. They often fall victim to boat propellers and nets for fishing.

where to swim with manatees

Go to the right place and set up a manatee tour. You can go with friends or family for a fantastic vacation. See the ancient creatures swimming through clear waters and join them while snorkeling. You get to see them in their natural habitat for as long as you like, at least during the tour. If you are going to be staying in the area longer, you can schedule more tours. You will most likely find friendly and knowledgeable staff to help.

It is the ideal vacation fun, especially if it is something that you and the family have never done together. Bring home the experience of a lifetime, knowing that you got to see live manatees doing what they do best. There may not be much time to catch the magic, so go as soon as possible.