Advantages To Having Artists Review Your Own Work Online

If you are still struggling for words, maybe your memory has not yet eluded you. Perhaps you remember back in the day your well-meaning folks encouraging you to stick to a day job rather than going all in as a full-time writer. The same goes if you were always aspiring to become a fine musician or had the desire to only spend time with paints, acrylics and oils for the rest of your life. Yes, back in the day, and it has been the case since who knows when, a few centuries perhaps, that to make a decent living, never mind a great one, as an artist is pretty hard to pull off.

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But some men, and sad to say, it was the sign of the times then, even less women, pulled it off. These were great men and women. But not even they could say that they were living what we would consider to be a decent or prosperous life. Bear in mind that these great artists did not have the marketing and self-promotion tools that we have today. That they did have fellow artists around to comment on their work was all fine and never dandy. These folks were hypocritical and it was another strange time then.

Today, you can kick start or re-ignite your artistic career by taking advantage of fine online artist pr reviews. These are fine sites for struggling but budding musicians to make their names known. They can send in what would have been called demo tapes back then and get a fellow musician who knows his strings give their work a good listening to and spare a few expert words on what they thought of the work.

Doing online reviews can also be good for struggling writers to start making a decent living.